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Most university-based physical and occupational therapy programs include very little information that you need to become an expert in treating, managing, and evaluating patients with work-related injuries. And yet this patient population is a significant part of most clinicians’ caseloads. Become an expert with ErgoScience.

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Mastering Work-Related Injury Care

Despite work-related injuries being a significant part of most clinicians’ caseloads, university-based physical and occupational therapy programs often lack the specialized knowledge needed to effectively treat and manage these patients. ErgoScience fills this gap with expert training programs, equipping therapists with the essential skills to excel in industrial rehabilitation.


Our FCE system powered by AI software, uses objective measures and evidence-based protocols to remove the guesswork from FCEs.

Impairment Ratings

If your clinic only offers FCEs, you’ll miss out on the additional income from musculoskeletal impairment ratings.  Choose from 4th, 5th, and 6th Edition, online training.

Pre-hire Physical Ability Testing

Want to do pre-hire Physical Abilities Testing for your local employers? Partner with ErgoScience to make your testing projects as easy as 1,2,3!

Industrial Rehab Master Series

Acquire the knowledge to effectively treat patients with work-related injuries and to develop effective work conditioning programs.

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