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Workplace Injury Prevention

At ErgoScience, we specialize in workplace injury prevention. Our team of experts can identify potential hazards, provide training and education, and offer personalized ergonomic solutions to help businesses maintain a safe and productive work environment. Trust us to help you prevent workplace injuries and promote workplace safety.


We're proud to have helped numerous organizations enhance their workplace safety, health, and productivity.

Don't just take our word for it; read the testimonials from our clients who have experienced the ErgoScience difference firsthand. Learn how our data-driven, customized injury prevention solutions have transformed their workplaces and improved the lives of their employees.

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Job Analysis

Job Analysis is the foundation for all your MSD prevention programs. Don’t be tempted to omit this critical first step. A house with a shaky foundation won’t withstand the tests of time.

Abilities Testing

Pre-Hire Physical Abilities Testing (PAT) reveals the physical abilities of your job applicants. On average, it decreases injuries and costs by 73%!

New Hire Ramp-In

Want to use pre-hire Physical Abilities Testing but can’t afford to eliminate additional candidates? Have your cake and eat it too. Test, but hire everyone and let the testing identify high-risk new hires. Then provide some remedial training and/or conditioning.

Analysis & Training

There’s a way to do things, and there’s a “best ergonomic practices” way to do things. Using computerVision AI, identify hazards and make sure your workforce knows how to work safely. Reinforce your training with wearable sensors.

Workplace Early Intervention Programs

By treating early symptoms with an OSHA-Compliant MSD first aid program, you can prevent small issues from becoming OSHA recordables.

Return to Work Services

Once an employee has experienced an injury, they are twice as likely to re-injure themselves. And with today’s workforce shortage, you can’t afford to lose a single employee. Fitness for Duty Testing and brief work conditioning (if needed) can ensure that 90% of those returning to work will not experience and repeat injury.

Proud Partnerships

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Our clients love working with us, just read what they have to say!

One of the greatest benefits of AMERICAN’s relationship with ErgoScience is that it is a mutually beneficial partnership for both companies and their employees. ErgoScience team members promote efficient return to work without sacrificing employee safety. As such, employees see the services provided by ErgoScience to be a part of the benefits that they receive for working at AMERICAN. ErgoScience therapists have the satisfaction of working with employees at their worksite and seeing firsthand what they do, day in and day out – allowing physical rehabilitation to be truly job specific.
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Sheri Snow
American Cast Iron and Pipe Company
In researching companies to help us implement a pre-employment physical testing program, we wanted to find a program that would give us the peace of mind that any candidate we hired would be physically able to do the job and that the process itself would be fair and defensible. The methods used by ErgoScience met these objectives. I would encourage anyone considering a pre-employment physical testing program to look at ErgoScience. The methods used by ErgoScience are thorough, professional, and proven. We could not be more pleased.
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Gary Cameron
We chose to work with ErgoScience because of their professionalism both inside the office and out in the field. They conducted a thorough analysis of the flatbed driver’s job and then developed a test that has prevented injuries. I felt like they understood the demands on our drivers. The test also establishes a baseline that documents any preexisting injuries and restrictions prior to an applicant’s employment, ensuring that P&S would not assume any costs associated with those previous impairments. We have developed a partnership with ErgoScience. They review data with us every year and help implement new programs within our organization to help prevent future injuries.
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Johnathan Marshall
P & S Transportation
The outcome from testing not only lowered our work comp injuries and dollars, it created a cost savings through injury avoidance. Data clearly showed an ROI of 5:1 in the first four years of the program. Beyond the dollars, it became clear, that› we were impacting the health and safety of our employees in a positive way. It was apparent that Leadec had a moral and ethical responsibility to our most important asset, our team members.
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Vicki Yeazel
Workers Compensation Manager, LEADEC
The WebPAT software is easy to use. I like the fact you are done with the report as soon as the prospective employee finishes testing.
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Derek Harper

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