ErgoScience Injury Prevention Programs

At ErgoScience, we understand the importance of injury prevention. Our programs are designed to provide you and your clients with the knowledge and tools you need to keep employees safe and healthy.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

If you need an FCE for disability determination or workers’ compensation case closure, you’ve come to the right place. ErgoScience provides the only FCE fully developed and validated through university-based research. And we have the largest clinic network, with clinics throughout the world. One call puts you in touch with the pre-eminent experts in FCE.

The Foundation

Job Analysis for MSD Prevention Programs

Job Analysis is the foundation for all your MSD prevention programs. Don’t be tempted to omit this critical first step. A house with a shaky foundation won’t withstand the tests of time.

Job analysis is important for…

But not all job analysis is created equal. The differences can make or break your prevention and return-to-work programs. Defensible job analysis requires expertise.

Match the Worker to the Work

Physical Abilities Testing

Pre-Hire Physical Abilities Testing (PAT) reveals the physical abilities of your client’s applicants.

On average, it decreases injuries and costs by 73%!

In addition, research shows that pre-hire PAT increases your client’s retention by 20%!

Even if your fail rate is 15% (it’s rarely more than 10%), your clients will come out ahead by using PAT for selection!

And Physical Abilities Testing can be used for so much more than employee selection. It’s great for…

But if developed and applied incorrectly, PAT can land your clients in some legal hot water – hot water that’s just as expensive as their injuries. Defensible testing requires expertise.

Workplace Early Intervention Programs

By treating early symptoms with an OSHA-Compliant MSD first aid program, your clients can prevent small issues from becoming OSHA recordables.

Ergonomic Analysis & Training

There’s a way to do things, and there’s a “best ergonomic practices” way to do things. Using computerVision AI, your clients can identify hazards and make sure their workforce knows how to work safely. Reinforce their training with wearable sensors.

Return to Work Services

Once an employee has experienced an injury, they are twice as likely to re-injure themselves. And with today’s workforce shortage, your clients can’t afford to lose a single employee. Fitness for Duty Testing and brief work conditioning (if needed) can ensure that 90% of those returning to work will not experience and repeat injury.

New Hire Work Conditioning

Do your clients want want to use pre-hire Physical Abilities Testing but can’t afford to eliminate additional candidates? Let them have their cake and eat it too. They can test, but hire everyone and let the testing identify high-risk new hires. Then provide some remedial training and/or conditioning.

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