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Job Analysis for MSD Prevention Programs

Job Analysis is the foundation for all your MSD prevention programs. Don’t be tempted to omit this critical first step. A house with a shaky foundation won’t withstand the tests of time.

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But not all job analysis is created equal. The differences can make or break your prevention and return-to-work programs. Defensible job analysis requires expertise.

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We began to realize that our JDA could be used in multiple applications. The JDA was our legally defensible job description. It was created by an unbiased third party (ErgoScience) that had studied, measured, and deeply understood our job tasks. This JDA has been provided to doctors, nurse-case managers, insurance adjusters and attorneys. It is used for RTW, ADAAA accommodation discussions, customizing return-to-work/fitness-for-duty tests, restricted-duty task assignments, and much more. Leadec can be assured that we have an air-tight, defensible job description thanks to ErgoScience.
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