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Who can perform an FCE?

Physical and occupational therapists are the best prepared academically to perform FCEs, and
in some states, they are the only clinicians who can provide them according to the state’s work
comp laws. However, ErgoScience has successfully trained PTAs, COTAs, exercise science
professionals, athletic trainers, and nurses to successfully perform FCEs. Before coming to
training, be aware of any limitations for performing FCEs in your state.

Does ErgoScience provide certification in FCEs?

Yes, in order to get certified, you must pass a written and a practical exam.

How long does it take to create a report with the ErgoScience FCE?

Once the FCE is complete, you will spend approximately 15 minutes completing the report
using our report-generating software

Does ErgoScience sell equipment for doing an FCE?

No, ErgoScience does not sell FCE equipment. We partner with a medical equipment vendor
who sells most of what is needed for our testing

How long does the typical FCE take to perform?

This depends on the number of different work-related tasks you test. You can tailor the test to
be a brief return-to-work screen or a full 4-hour FCE.

Does ErgoScience have a method for detecting those who are not giving a full effort on an FCE?

Yes, you will learn how to recognize self-limiting and inconsistent behavior and how to
document this behavior in an objective, legally compliant manner.

Are most workers’ compensation patients uncooperative with testing and treatment?

No, this is a sad misperception of this patient population. Most workers’ comp patients are
willing and eager to return to their former work.

How is an impairment rating different from an FCE?

An FCE documents the patient’s ability to perform work-related functions. The impairment
rating involves measuring range of motion and following a set of scoring rules established by
the American Medical Association for creating a rating of the percent of impairment.

How is the ErgoScience FCE different from other FCEs.?

The ErgoScience FCE is the only FCE that was developed through university-based research and
has evidence of the reliability and validity of the entire test published in the peer-reviewed

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