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With ErgoScience, pre-hire physical abilities testing is not just “one-and-done.” We are focused on outcomes that make a difference.  In a compilation of our many case studies, we’ve proven our results. 

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Physical Abilities Testing

Pre-Hire Physical Abilities Testing (PAT), also known as Post Offer Employment Testing (POET testing), reveals the physical abilities of your job applicants.

On average, it decreases injuries and costs by 73%!

In addition, research shows that pre-hire PAT increases your employee retention by 20%!

Even if your fail rate is 15% (it’s rarely more than 10%), you’ll come out ahead by using PAT for selection!

And Physical Abilities Testing can be used for so much more than employee selection. It’s great for…

But if developed and applied incorrectly, PAT can land you in some legal hot water – hot water that’s just as expensive as your injuries. Defensible testing requires expertise.

Another important document within the PAT process is the Medical Questionnaire. The evaluator asks the applicant to provide a relevant medical history. The primary purpose of this medical history is to make sure the applicant is safe for testing, but it can also serve as a baseline for comparison to a later injury. ErgoScience does not share medical information with the employer at the time of hire to ensure that no hiring decisions are based on medical conditions.  


However, let’s say the applicant reports a previous injury, but passes the test and gets hired, and later re-injures the same body part. Once a claim has been filed, the employer has a right to the medical questionnaire that was completed by the applicant during the pre-hire/post-offer PAT. This allows employers to compare what the applicant self-disclosed on the pre-hire questionnaire to their post-injury medical canvass information.

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Here’s what one client had to say about the benefits of this pre-hire medical history:

Falsifying the pre-hire PAT medical questionnaire has led to, not only terminations, but our company winning an important court case. The claimant reported a highly disputed workplace injury. She went on to have a 7 -level cervical fusion. Our company had to set aside over $250K in reserves as we headed into court. Our smoking gun was the medical questionnaire that the claimant had falsified when being hired. She did not disclose a prior cervical fusion. This previous condition became apparent during a medical canvass, and the applicant’s own recorded statement to the insurance adjuster. Based on the fraudulent medical questionnaire, the Judge determined that she had lied in the application process and, therefore, in an 11-page decision, ruled in Leadec’s favor. The applicant walked away with nothing.”
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