We Have The Evidence

We were delighted to find:

• These 13 outcome studies combined involved nearly 78,000 job applicants. 
• Their direct total incurred costs decreased, on average, by 76%!
• On average, they realized an 11:1 return on their investment!

Table of Contents

Over-the-Road Trucking: Case Study One

Over-the-Road Trucking: Case Study Two

Construction Case Study

Tire Manufacturer: Pilot Study

Automotive Parts Warehouse: Case Study

Manufactured Home Communities: Case Study

Real Estate & Infrastructure Management: Case Study

Cold Storage: Case Study

Meat Processing: Case Study

OSHA-Compliant Early Intervention: Case Study

Worksite Physical Therapy: Case Study

Flatbed Trucking: Case Study

Industrial Services: Case Study

Beverage Distribution: Case Study

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