Do you know what insanity is?

Happy Groundhog Day!
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When you hear “Groundhog Day” do you think about the superstition involving weather predictions based on whether a rodent is startled by his shadow? Or do you think of the 1993 comedy film in which a weatherman, Phil Connors, is stuck in a time loop repeating the same day over and over? Both seem a little wacky and maybe even insane.

According to Einstein, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If you recall the film, Phil does the same thing over and over, hoping he will miraculously snap out of the loop. When he finally starts making the right changes he is able to move forward successfully.

I can’t tell you how many therapists have come to me because they have been using the same Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) system for years, hoping for better results, or better revenue, or that the report writing would become less time-consuming... It can be a tedious process, and it’s not likely to improve.

But what if I told you that there is an alternative? What if there was an FCE solution that was easy to use, explain, and defend? With ErgoScience you don’t have to keep repeating the same FCE hoping for better outcomes; instead, it provides objective data quickly and easily so that your referral sources can make informed decisions about sending their industrial athletes back to work.

So why waste time trying something that may not work when you could be using a system that is easy to use, easy to explain, and easy to defend? Stop doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results – try something new! The gold star in FCE systems, the Physical Work Performance Evaluation (PWPE) was designed to take the guesswork out of functional capacity evaluations and give clinicians a fast, efficient, user-friendly system to perform FCEs.


Easy to useThe ErgoScience PWPE is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) designed to make functional capacity evaluations easier for clinicians!

The ErgoScience PWPE can be tailored for use in numerous applications: full functional capacity evaluations, return-to-work screens, mini-FCEs, SSD, and work conditioning. From streamlined data entry processes and automated scoring to enhanced reporting capabilities, this powerful software will save you time and effort in assessing patient capabilities and writing reports.

The best part about ErgoScience PWPE is its intuitive user interface which makes it incredibly simple to use even if you have limited technical knowledge or experience. Plus, since it's powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the program makes calculations for you, eliminating human error! This means less time spent writing reports and making calculations while still achieving reliable, valid results each time around - what could be better?



Easy to understandThis innovative assessment platform is the go-to choice of doctors and workers' compensation case managers.

The ErgoScience PWPE offers objective measures to evaluate an individual's physical abilities in order to determine their capacity for work or other activities. Using objective measures means you don’t have to struggle for the words to explain your evaluation. It is based on facts, not opinions.

The software instantly assembles results into a concise, easy-to-read report, so referral sources don't have to wait days for your assessments - which means faster resolution times when dealing with workers' compensation cases! Physicians and case managers love that the most pertinent information can be found on the first page without searching through mountains of fluff. Plus, the data collected from each test can be used as supporting documentation in court proceedings if needed - making this a great choice when reliability and validity matter most.



Easy to defendAn FCE provides data on an individual’s functional limitations as well as recommendations regarding any accommodations needed in order for them to be successful at their job or other activities of daily living. As a clinician, you need results that are reliable and trustworthy – results that will make it easy to defend decisions based upon these results during legal proceedings if necessary!

Created through research, by a clinician for clinicians, ErgoScience knows that accuracy and defensibility are paramount. You want a defensible test behind your clinical decisions. You want to deliver objective information to referral sources. And most of all you want to do what’s right for anyone you test – be they patients or job applicants. ErgoScience protocols were developed and validated through university-based research and have been published in international occupational medicine journals. Our research has also been replicated by independent investigators. We are the only FCE system that has reliability and validity research supporting every aspect of testing. Each individual task of our test has been validated so that when you need to customize the testing protocol for job-specific testing, you don’t sacrifice reliability and validity. The ErgoScience system is the most evidence-based system you can buy.

Because of the high levels of objectivity and the thoroughness of our evidence-based reliability and validity research, the ErgoScience FCE protocol meets all government compliance standards: ADA, EEOC, and OFCCP as well as compliance with APTA FCE Guidelines. And our FCE has been upheld in legal cases. ErgoScience provides the highest level of defensibility available in an FCE today.

All in all - If you're looking for an easy way to defend yourself with reliable data then look no further than the Ergoscience FCE's evidence-based scoring protocols!

Are you tired of doing the same Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) over and over, expecting different results? If so, it’s time to switch up your approach! ErgoScience is an easy-to-use FCE that offers a comprehensive assessment of physical capabilities. Not only is it simple to use and understand, but its results are also backed by science – making them easier to defend. With ErgoScience at your disposal, you can be confident in the accuracy and reliability of each evaluation. Stop the insanity of repeating the same outdated evaluation – give yourself peace of mind with ErgoScience today!


Jamison Baker

Jamison Baker

Jamison helps clinics find the best solution to fit their needs from functional capacity evaluations, to job analysis, pre-employment screens or impairment ratings.
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