Easy Like Sunday Morning

Easy Like Sunday Morning
Physical therapist working with a workplace injury patient

In the clinic, do you prefer a manic Monday, or do you want things to be easy like Sunday morning? An overwhelming majority of clinicians opt for the easy button. I can’t tell you how many asked for help making functional capacity evaluations easier.

Clinicians contact me with complaints about their current FCE system ranging from spending hours writing reports to cumbersome processes to feeling like they are playing a guessing game with every FCE. When the process is not easy, it can be pretty miserable. I can practically hear them singing, “I’ve paid my dues to make it; everybody wants me to be what they want me to be. I’m not happy when I try to fake it. I want it to be easy like Sunday morning.”

difficult reportsPerforming a full FCE can take three to four hours with the patient. No one wants to spend another few hours writing the report. Clinicians using a template to write their report share how difficult it is to recall and document tasks the patient performed hours ago. Or they are exhausted thinking about the time it will take to type everything into a word document. It eats into the time they could be treating patients. Some clinicians end up taking the reports home, which means they are sacrificing family time. Even those who dictate the report tell me they spend an hour recording thoughts and sometimes at least an hour reviewing and correcting the report that was typed by someone else. They’ve begged, stolen, and borrowed time for the FCE reports, and they want something easy. Easy like Sunday morning.

guessing gameThat is not the only complaint I hear. “I wanna be free to know the things I do are right.” So many FCEs rely on subjective measures to make an evaluation. Clinicians tell me how nervous this makes them, feeling like they are playing a guessing game about a patient’s ability to do a task. They wonder how they know they’ve guessed correctly without any objective criteria or true calculations on which to base results. The stress of the guessing game sends them to me searching for something easy. Easy like Sunday morning.

Even the process of many FCEs can be cumbersome. Clinicians complain that when they do have specific data to gather, they have to make calculations by hand. It is aggravating to recall the seldom-used equations and then have to work out the math. The potential for error is increased, which can intensify the stress of the FCE. If they are going to be performing FCEs, they need something easy. Easy like Sunday morning.

easy reportsIf you are a therapist, do you enjoy spending time on tedious tasks like writing reports when you can be treating patients instead? Do you feel comfortable guessing a patient’s ability to do a task? Do you like bumbling through a process or trying to recall equations needed to do math that you haven’t studied in years? Or do you want something easy?

What if there was an FCE that was easy, like Sunday morning? What if you could cut down the time spent writing reports from hours to minutes?

love itWhat if you could use a software with AI built in? A software that applies the scoring algorithms, works out calculations, and eliminates human error?

What if you could remove the guesswork and base conclusions on objective data?

Well, if you haven’t already guessed, there is a better way. easy snapWith the ErgoScience FCE, you spend only minutes clicking and generating a report. With the ErgoScience FCE, you have a system based on research, using objective measures that take the guesswork out of functional capacity evaluations. With the ErgoScience FCE, you don’t have to memorize algorithms or calculate standard deviations; the AI software does it for you. It is easy. Easy like Sunday morning.

Ready to make your FCE easy? Let’s have a conversation.

Jamison Baker

Jamison Baker

Jamison helps clinics find the best solution to fit their needs from functional capacity evaluations, to job analysis, pre-employment screens or impairment ratings.
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