ErgoScience Releases New Cloud-Based FCE Software

ErgoScience is excited to announce our new cloud-based software, CloudPWPETM!
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Why cloud-based?

First and foremost, our cloud-based platform brings a level of security not achievable with local install software. In this day and age of cyber fraud, security is of utmost importance to most insurance carriers, patients, and referral sources alike. CloudPWPETM checks that security box, allowing you to conduct FCEs knowing your patient’s PPI is protected in a cloud database with state-of-the-art firewalls and security.

Second, a cloud-based format allows ErgoScience to provide updates instantly. No more waiting to get the upgrade and reinstalling software on your local hard drive – we release it, you have it.

What’s new?

And while we were transitioning to the cloud, of course, we took the opportunity to make some improvements in the software! We’ve…

  • streamlined the intake information
  • increase the efficiency of the musculoskeletal screen.
  • improved the PWPE Report
  • made it easier to customize testing
  • added hover definitions if you need a refresh


ErgoScience FCE Time-Honored Traditions


As we were improving the user-friendliness of our software, there were time-honored aspects of our testing process that we made sure to retain and protect…

  • Research-based testing algorithms
  • Objective scoring process
  • Fair and objective methods for dealing with sincerity of effort
  • Fast and easy report-generation

Over the years, ErgoScience has been known and respected for being the only FCE that was fully developed and validated through university-based research. We have retained that reputation with CloudPWPETM and added a state-of-the-art delivery system.

Whether you’re a long-time user of our PWPE system or a newbie to the world of FCE, at ErgoScience, you’ll find the same emphasis on objective testing that eliminates the guesswork.

Give us a call to learn more.

Deborah Lechner

Deborah Lechner

Deborah Lechner, ErgoScience President, combines an extensive research background with 25-plus years of clinical experience. Under her leadership, ErgoScience continues to use the science of work to improve workplace safety, productivity and profitability.
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